Monday, 20 February 2012

Cheshire Whippy ice cream is coming Thursday

The final preparations are being made to supply  customers with the "Twin Whippy"Tomorrow.

The sun is promised for Thursday 23rd Feb, and subject to unforseen breakdowns etc, so are we!!

Most of the stock is loaded, the machines and freezers have been overhauled and finally, a thorough deep cleaning process has been undertaken.

It is possible, with fair weather and smooth running, we could be on a trial run Thurs 23rd - 24th Feb. The planned schedule is Yew Tree  3 - 4pm and then a quick two hour flyer before the darkness arrives.

On the maiden voyage, we will not have the daylight to cover all Poynton, but we will do the rest tonight.

As the lighter nights and warmer weather continues we hope to roll out the service to cover the whole village.

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