Friday, 23 March 2012

A Mr Whippy "99" really is good for you!!

Eat a lighter ice cream

The secret ingredient to the likeably lickable ice cream is … wait for it … air. When it’s whipped up in the machine, 1L of ice cream magically becomes a 2L serving. That means a Mr Whippy is one of the lightest summer snacks a man can go for. The 164 calories in a 99 compare well against the 220 in a Cornetto or the 275 in a Magnum Classic. You can work off a 99 in under half an hour in the summer sun. Ten minutes hard going in the pool or a 20-minute game of tennis will do the job. Or, if you can fi nd a secluded spot, 15 minutes of "fun" will also serve.

Add choc for heart health

The 32g of chocolate planted in your ice cream is more than a crumbly bit of window dressing. New research in the European Heart Journal found that people who ate at least 7.5g of chocolate a day had lower blood pressure and a 39% lower risk of having a heart attack compared to those who got by on a measly 1.7g each day. Although such benefits are usually only associated with dark chocolate, this study found the same effects with its milkier cousin – owing to flavonols in the cocoa, which build strength in the walls of your blood vessels.

So come on Mums (and dads) enjoy a fresh dairy whippy this summer!!

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