Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Whipping away in March

What with the weather and all things British we have managed to start the season, albeit a bit ad hoc

It has been fantastic to see all the customers old and new and we are already receiving many enquiries for our busy events and party schedule, so if you are planning an event, dont delay in making your enquiry!!

Please make all booking enquiries via email:
this is by far the best way to get a detailed reply to your enquiry as we are very busy from 9am to 9pm and do not have access to the booking diary. Many thanks

April is typically the rainy season so out timetable may still be a bit random as the weather is king for us, however it is warming up gradually and the clocks change at the weekend (Hoorah!) so we will be visiting more regularly
Little Luna enjoying her first whippy at 17

Banjo all the way from the USA

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