Saturday, 20 June 2015

Fun days, Sports days Corporate days, rainy days, weddings & birthdays!!

June has been a wet and cold month so far but that hasn't stopped the fun!! in the rain we have attended the party in the park at Poynton and what a fantastic event it was!!

Today we attended a wet fun day at Torkington Primary where everyone carried on having such a great day despite the poor weather

On Friday we will be at Lostock primary for their annual barbecue and if we are really lucky, this year it will be sunny and dry, but if not we will all still have a wonderful time

On Saturday we will be attending Pownall primary again and hopefully the weather will be as good as last year!!

Other events still to come include, Moss Hey primary, Higher Poynton Summerfest and the Tytherington Club Fun day...

Phew.. and there's so much more to do including weddings, birthdays and corporate events, may we all have A WONDERFUL SUMMER

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